Mark Your Calendars!

Education Connection Advisors invites prospective parents to a discussion in

Understanding the Private School Process

When: Thursday, October 5, 2017 (9:30-11:00am)

Where: Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church: Inglett Hall, Main Church Building

Panelists will be addressing admission topics, such as JATP, SSAT,
Admission Timeline, Financial Aid, and Researching Schools.

Schools participating in the panel include: Marist, Mt. Vernon Presbyterian School,
Pace Academy, Paideia, Trinity School, The Westminster Schools,
Woodward Academy, and a representative from SSAT.

As education consultants, we help parents in Atlanta understand their children’s strengths, interests, and learning styles by empowering them to create a specific educational plan.

Education Connection Advisors helps identify students’ intellectual, academic, emotional, and social needs and then matches these needs to appropriate educational environments. With a teamwork approach based on our student-centered process, parents will be investing in a plan that outlines opportunities and provides knowledge for academic success.The key is to select a school where the child can flourish and grow.

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